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Cleaning products and batteries

Take care of your hearing aids to maximize their lifetime.

The range of products necessary for the maintenance and use of your hearing aids is available over the counter at Clinique Auditive Ioannoni.

Batteries for hearing aids

  • Z-10 batteries
  • Z-312 batteries
  • Z-13 batteries
  • Z-675 batteries


It eliminates excess moisture that can accumulate in your hearing aids and thus extends their life. Humidity is the main cause of breakage.

  • Dehumidifier with disposable tablets
  • Reusable dehumidifier (microwave)

Spray cleaner

It is a cleaning and disinfecting solution that reduces the risk of ear infection and helps keep your hearing aids in good condition.

Wax guard

It prevents the accumulation of debris (dead skin, earwax) inside the speaker of your hearing aids.

Safety clip

Extra security that allows you to attach your hearing aid to your clothing.

UV cleaner

It cleans, dries and disinfects your hearing aids by UV light (Ideal for people suffering from significant sweating or living in a humid environment).

Soothing cream

Soothing solution against itching. Not recommended in case of surgery or tympanic perforation.

Lubrificating gel

Gel that facilitates the insertion of hearing aids.