We speak French, English and Italian!

The clinic

Our clinics have been established for over 20 years and offer services in the Greater Montreal area.

Our mission

We want you to rediscover the pleasure of hearing by offering you a human and personalized approach with quality professional services. You will be surrounded by a warm and dedicated team, using cutting edge technologies so you can once again enjoy the sounds of life.

All of our audioprosthesists are experienced members and graduates of the Ordre des Audioprothésistes du Québec.

We work in close collaboration with various hearing healthcare professionals in order to offer you a multidisciplinary service under the same roof.

The team

All the team members of the Clinique Auditive Ioannoni join forces and know-how in order to provide you with an unparalleled service.

Natacha Ioannoni


Marianne Boivin


Vanessa Lebel


Valerie Poudrier-Orr


Alexandra Roy


Maria Vannelli

Administrative Assistant

Leonella De Gregorio

Administrative Agent

Lily Giaccari

Administrative Agent

Ida Prato

Administrative Agent

Hearing health care providers

The audioprosthesist

is a technician who fits, adjusts, replaces and repairs hearing aids. Audioprosthesists intervene in the hearing adaptation process by advising and ensuring the proper functioning of your hearing aids. They are members of a professional order that is governed by the Quebec Professional Code.

The audiologist

is the health care professional who screens, evaluates and treats various types of hearing loss. He has anatomical, physiological, neurological, linguistic and psychological knowledge that can support his assessments and thus guide the patient with these different hearing problems. He works with people of all ages.

The ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT)

is a physician-surgeon specialized in the treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases. His role is to make a diagnosis according to the case. If there is a hearing loss, he or she can inform the patient and discuss options. He will then take care of the necessary steps to provide medical or surgical treatment.